Pastors & Leaders
help even more!

We don't ever want the efforts of Christian Movie Central to be a burden on leaders, so we encourage anyone in the church to sign up for our basic CMC email updatess.

Pastors and Leaders, however, have been entrusted with their flocks, and we want to honor that by being able to share opportunities specific to Pastors and Leaders.

You've heard too many films ask you to buy out a theater, or tell your whole congregation to see a film. (You won't EVER hear that from us at Christian Movie Central)

On occasion, we have opportunities we can share with pastors and leaders for:
- ADVANCED Film screening opportunities (1 coming very soon!)

- Special offers to screen films in your church (can be free, or even a fundraiser!)

This will be our least used list. We do NOT simply send everything people to send to us. We respect your decision to trust us with your contact information.

Because He Lives!
Rich Gerberding
Christian Movie Central National Director